The SB Cow Families

As we have built our program we recognized the importance of cow families with in a breed. These cows have risen to recognition because of the impact their progeny and genetics have had on the Brangus breed and we are proud to have them represented in our bloodlines.

Each of the SB donor cows assembled has a strong cow family in their pedigree combined with the necessary visual traits and build combined with a progressive data profile to make them an influencer cow with in our program. Check out the donor cows below in the SB program and stay posted as we work on finding and proving the next great females.

The 924 Cow Family

The 924 cow represents an elite time tested cow family that was started by the old New Mexico State University donor Miss NMSU 924. She was made a donor after she had nine straight calves maintaining a perfect udder, super foot and leg structure and superior calves. The mating of the Mound Creek 924 donor to MC Jethro 00S3 proved to be one of the all time great embryo matings and collections. Resulting from that mating are such elite Brangus as MC Rock Star 924U2 selling for $38,000, MC On Star 924W4 $48,000, MC Elegido 924W6 $30,000, RBM Ms Jethro 924U at $38,000 and world wide sire MC Profit 924B16. Other females of this mating would be RBM Ms Star 924X6 and of course RBM Ms Jethro 924W5 who is the dam of the $100,000 DMR Louisiana Purchase 924D10. The SB donor X4 is a flush mate sister to this elite lineage and is proving herself worthy of the 924 cow family.



Regisration Number: R10176234
Date of Birth: February 6, 2010
Sire: MC Jethro 00S3

Dam: Miss NMSU 924


SB Ms Hotshot 924G3

Regisration Number: 10408710
Date of Birth: January 3, 2019
Sire: BWCC Hotshot 192D31

Dam: RBM Ms. Jethro 924X4



Regisration Number: UB10333649
Date of Birth: January 30, 2016
Sire: MC Reset 889A21

Dam: RBM Ms Jethro 924Z6


SB Ms Slick 924F1

Regisration Number: 10369343
Date of Birth: January 24, 2018
Sire: BWCC Slick 7B 

Dam: RBM MS Reset 924D8

The 111 Cow Family

BWCC MS Rock Solid 111B2 has made a huge impact within the BlackWater Brangus program. She is said by many to be one of the best Ultrablack females around and her progeny rank as sale toppers every time. Look for the influence of this power house female in the Scamardo Program. 


BWCC Ms Rock Solid 111B2

Regisration Number: UB10293498
Date of Birth: September 1, 2014
Sire: S A V Rock Solid 2251
Dam: MC Ms Stryker 111U25

The 10 Cow Family

The 10 family line was put on the map after Blackwater Cattle Company purchased a young female in 2008 from Iron Farm Cattle Company. That female, Miss Iron Farm 301 J5-10N3, always had a perfect udder and structural design and never missed producing a great calf. The 10 cow family has gone on to produce many high selling cattle for Blackwater such as BWCC Ms Resource 10A10 who produced the $50,000 sire Monument and BWCC Resource 10A20 who is an impactful donor at Mid South Ranch.



Regisration Number: R10176234
Date of Birth: January 23, 2018
Sire: MC PROFIT 924B16


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